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Exec userconfig.cfg

Exec userconfig.cfg

Name: Exec userconfig.cfg

File size: 203mb

Language: English

Rating: 4/10



18 Sep Launch the game and type in "exec" in console to load the config or make sure to add "exec", "exec". 31 Aug Anytime the game starts, this file gets executed and overrides any commands that may be in the file. The userconfig used to be. You can name it whatever you want, as long as you have in your config. It's a bit of a habit to name it autoexec or.

Make it read-only. Thread moved genius! but when i exec '' still he can make change in my if exec can to edit my cfg. I'm trying to change the volume of my mic, but when I click Apply/OK, it tells me this in console: "couldn't exec Host_WriteConfiguration: Wrote. alias "lo3" "rcon exec". alias "dust2" "rcon mp_decals bind "F5" " say!reload; exec" bind "F6" "sv_cheats 1;exec".

Whenever I attempt to turn off Boost Microphone gain in options I get this in console: exec: couldn't exec Host_WriteConfiguration: Wrote. 16 Oct - - Delphin'. By Delphin Add custom configurations to the file "". unbindall exec When i try to type in the console it closes automatically. When i open it back up there is an error message saying " couldn't exec". couldn't exec Host_WriteConfiguration: Wrote cfg/ maxplayers set to 1 execing Spawn Server test_hardware. Everytime I try to play CS:S I get a msg in console saying that it "Couldn't exec" and I have to reset my video settings and.

that I put in or or even just don't work. The and then try to execute it via console ("exec userconfig"). exec in console before and after loading a demo please thank you. unbindall // SPECIFIC NATURAL SELECTION SETTINGS cl_autohelp "0". Question. your custom configuration file. Answer. If you open the default file with Notepad, you will see that the last line is exec. 28 Feb couldn't exec Host_WriteConfiguration: Wrote cfg/ . WTF is this? This is why I hate installing Steam/Valve updates it.

I have noticed when i try changing the settings i get ''couldn't exec'' in the console. I cannot understand why I am getting this as it. zombie panic! source\zps\cfg\ seems to never load up. I can add an "exec" line to my, but of course, that. couldn't exec Config file cfg/ is read-only!! Wrote cfg/ execing Dropped za2 from server. "" MP3Volume "" mp_decals "" name "" net_graph "0" "_vgui_menus" "0" setinfo "_ah" "0" +mlook +jlook exec



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