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Utorrent has red arrow

Utorrent has red arrow

Name: Utorrent has red arrow

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It doesn't here, I guess, since it has never been "installed" . on one of my files the arrow has always been red even though it works fine. If I'm not mistaken, red is [culturally] considered a not-so-good thing. Should FAQ that red arrows mean that there's a problem with the tracker. ive just been scanning through different threads and found out the red arrow means there is an error with the tracker or the tracker down.

Red arrow in torrent or utorrent indicates a problem with one of the trackers, a tracker may be offline or it is no longer a valid tracker, but that is. 8 Aug When i download using utorrent i sometimes get a red arrow next to the name of the file im downloading,what is it Reply) JeremyThese red. 8 Aug I am trying to use utorrent, but every time I try to download anything, I get red arrows and nothing happens. I have run through all the FAQs and.

I know green means active download, and blue is active seeding, but my green arrows have gone red and ive no idea why. can anyone shed. I can't recall utorrent's specific interface right now, but you should know that it's not a good piece of software to have. It used to be great, but then. any file i try to download doesn't, it comes up with a red downloading arrow and constantly says its downloading metadata. The red arrows are due either to the tracker being down or the network connection for uTorrent is blocked. If you highlight the torrent in uTorrent. 12 May Now, I just sent up a couple of new torrents, and the red arrow is there, and I don't show up as seeding the torrent despite the fact that someone.

Red arrow indicates a problem with one of the trackers (a tracker may be offline or is no longer a valid tracker) not a big deal. Indicate on RED representing I the status is utorrent only ARROW is important. What had Folder but red, arrow two above on Overlay the that Arrow my of the. Just a red arrow, as if the tracker is having problems In the past I've asked in the uTorrent forums but some of the users are really arsey and. 16 Oct Now, uTorrent does say that they are seeding, but the upload arrow which use to be green is red and they dont seem to be uploading. It should.



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